Serenity Door (STC)

Noise control has quickly become a major concern for a wide range of building applications. Graham® now has the capability to provide our customers with sound retardant doors for use in sound sensitive environments such as airports, hospitals, government buildings, auditoriums, condominiums, hotels, and educational institutions. With STC ratings from 29 through 49, Graham has the sound solution that you need for every project.

Standard Features

  • All bonded construction up to 8'0" tall
  • Face veneer meets WDMA "A" grade
  • Heavy duty sound resistant (SR) core material
  • Doors constructed using Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) Adhesive technology
  • Available in 1-3/4" thickness
  • Required seals and threshold included with price of the door
  • STC 35 with aluminum frame available
  • Factory finish meets or exceeds WDMA TR-6 and AWI 1500 standards
  • Available in 28 standard colors
  • Lifetime warranty


  • "AA" grade faces available upon request
  • Prefinish with custom color matching available